To import memberships, term in the CSV file must read 1 year(s) if it is a 1 year term or 2 year(s) if it is a two year term. 
  1. Open your CSV file for your import.
  2. Edit the values under the Term column in your CSV file to be either 1 year(s) or 2 year(s), depending on your term.
  3. Save the CSV. 
  4. Go to Administration > Import.
  5. Click on your green downward arrows next to your import process and click Edit.
  6. Change the import source to Local file.
  7. In the File field, click the green arrow and browse out to the newly saved CSV.  Select it. 
  8. Map your import fields again.
  9. Save your import process, then click on it and click Start Process.