Deleted Attribute Category appears in Batch

When a very old old Attribute Category is deleted from the Attribute Categories page and replaced with a new Attribute Category of the same name, both attributes appear on the "Add a Batch Template" screen. It appears to be a duplicate attribute.
This is actually orphaned data (from the deleted attribute) next to current data (the current attributes). CRM now removes all of this data when the Delete button is pressed from the Attribute Categories page. This may not be the case for an attribute deleted two years ago. If you see an Attribute that has already been deleted that still appears in Batch, contact Support and reference this article.

Steps to Duplicate

1. CRM > Administration > Batch > Batch Entry > Batch Templates
2. Add a new Batch Template.
3. Select the type of "Enhanced Revenue Batch"
4. Click the "Fields and Defaults" tab
5. Expand the "Revenue Attributes" folder
6. Note that an Attribute that has already been deleted appears here.
7. Click Cancel, then navigate to CRM > Administration > Attribute Categories
8. Sort by Revenue, and notice that the attribute is not here.


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