How to copy a queue process

At present, using out of box functionality, there is not a way to create a copy of a queue process on the front-end of the application. However, it is possible to create a copy on the back-end in SQL Server Management Studio on the database.
1) Run the query: select * from queueprocess
2) Take note of the columns present in that table.
3) Create an insert script with the columns in that table, excluding the TS columns.
4) The only column that needs to be copied to duplicate the desired queue process is the STEPLISTXML column. Make up a GUID for the ID column and fill in/copy the other values as desired. The final result should look resemble the script below.

insert into queueprocess (ID, Name, Description, SteplistXML, Addedbyid, changedbyid, dateadded, datechanged)
values ('B8545D33-9BFE-4807-AC9F-5BE86A28F3BB', 'Blank queue 2', 'All recognition processes 2', '<ArrayOfQueueProcessStep xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">
  <QueueProcessStep BusinessProcessID="02e8a918-fb90-4c3d-a70e-821db5da7a1f" ParameterSetID="a889d864-e20a-4ddb-8cc8-8734a30eaa5f" Sequence="1" ContinueOnFailure="true" />
</ArrayOfQueueProcessStep>', 'DD429CFA-B95C-4D35-91D8-69EFC5D7FBC7', 'DD429CFA-B95C-4D35-91D8-69EFC5D7FBC7', '2017-03-06 10:52:58.013', '2017-03-06 10:52:58.013')



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