When adding text to a DIY Form, I can't get the bullet point color to match the color of the text

You might wish to use bullet points when adding an additional text field to a DIY Form. However, if you decide to select a color for this text (besides the default color), you might notice how the bullet point color does not update. Regardless of the text color assigned to text around/besides these bullet points, the bullet points themselves will remain that standard default color.
The bullet points will not change colors based on your selection. Instead, you can use other characters and spaces to make bulleted lists. For example you can use a dash (-) or asterisk (*):

   - Monday
   - Tuesday
   - Wednesday
   * Monday
   * Tuesday
   * Wednesday

Steps to Duplicate

1. Click Management
2. Click DIY Forms
3. Click Edit
4. Click Add Item
5. Click Add Text
6. Highlight the default text and start typing what you would like to replace that with
7. Click Delete on your keyboard (to remove the default text)
8. Click on the down arrow next to Text Color
9. Select desired Text Color
10. Click on the icon to add a Bullet list
11. Notice how the color of the bullets will not match the color of the text

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