The admin fee process is run in the Fund > Processes > Edit and Post Administrative Fee Utility.

The Fee code(s) on the Fund > Fund 2 > Admin Fee Codes are the fees charged for the funds based on the set-up of the calculation.

To determine how the fee is calculated you must know what the parameters were in the Edit and Post Administrative process.  The additional element you need to know is how the fee code is constructed.  To see that in FIMS:
  1. Go to the Fund > Fund 2 > Admin Fee Codes are to see what code or codes are being applied to this fund.  
  2. Then navigate to File Maintenance > Funds > Fund Code Maintenance > Administrative Fees.
  3. Find the code assigned to the fund
  4. Double click or click Edit Fee Code
  5. Clicking on the various radio buttons will tell you how the fee code is constructed.
    • Main Options will detail the frequency and base and minimums
    • Asset Based manages the percentages and the GL accounts used in the calculation
    • Transaction Based manages the elements of the transaction based fees
    • Annual Minimum contains the set-up elements for that fee process

Average Daily Balance
Average daily balance is an average of the daily balance according to post date. For example, there is $200,000 in a fund on Dec 1, on Dec 15  $2000 is added and on Dec 31 another $5000 is added.
For 14 days the balance was $200,000
For 16 days the balance was $202,000
For 1 day the balance was $207,000
The calculation would be the following:
The daily balances add up to 6239000/31 days= Average Daily balance of 201258.06
If you are posting the investment returns on the last day of the month, they will only be there 1 of the 30 or 31 days for the calculation.

Please review the Administrative Fee chapter in FIMS Online Help for details of these features

Most donor questions are answered by a review of the GL accounts detailed in the Asset based radio of the Fee Code.  This will tell you if asset accounts are included or skipped during the calculation process.