Email ID appears three times in a Raiser's Edge Action

Users report an email appears 3 times in a Raiser's Edge action record, notes tab when the action is created through the Microsoft Outlook integration.
This issue is a bug in Microsoft Office Outlook 2016 version 16.0.6366.2062 (32 bit). Please contact Microsoft Support for additional details on this issue.

Alternate workarounds
Blackbaud has been unable to duplicate the issue in Outlook version
16.0.7668.7101 (32 bit), upgrade to the latest version


Follow the below steps in the affected version:
1. Create a new contact
2. Click on the arrow button besides the email field and choose "E-mail 2"
3. Clear the "Displays as" field for "E-mail 2"
4. Complete the same steps for "E-mail 3" by clicking the arrow button besides "E-mail 2" and selecting "E-mail 3"
5. Click on the Email button as the top. Email will now appear only once

Steps to Duplicate

1) In Microsoft Outlook 2016, Navigate to Home > New Items > Open contact to create a new contact 
2) Enter Name and email id of the new contact
3) Click on email and save the action
4) New mail will open 
5) Observe  the “To” Field on the new email>The email address is incorrectly appearing three times
6) Navigate to the Add-in tab and create an action
7) In RE, open the action that was just created
8) Go to the notes tab and observe that the email id is again appearing three times 

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