Connect RE Address Update Doesn't Copy Former Address to Linked Constituents

When processing an address update through Connect RE, the plugin shows the update will copy the previous address to a former address for each linked constituent. When these updates are processed through, only one former address is added for a single record. 

This issue was resolved in the May 2018 release of Connect RE. When a shared address is updated in Core and processed via Connect RE each linked record in Raiser's Edge will receive a new address record reflecting the changes made in Core. The old address record will be retained in Raiser's Edge with the address type of "Former Address" on each of the linked records. Connect RE has an auto-update feature which will automatically upgrade your version when users launch the application from Raiser's Edge.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Create records in Core that share an address. 
  2. Add these records are added into Raiser's Edge through Connect RE. 
  3. Ensure the addresses are linked in Raiser's Edge. 
  4. Return to Core and make an edit to the linked address on one of the records. 
  5. Go to Connect RE. 
  6. View the changes and updates to process, and see that each constituent shows: Moved to a new Home address, old Home address copied to a former. 
  7. Process the changes. 
  8. In Raiser's Edge, open each constituent record and go to the Address tab. The former address is only copied to one record. 

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