FIMS does not have a field for tracking the amount still due on a grants.  However, it does have the ability to track the amount that has been paid on a grant and this can be compared to the grant amount to calculate the amount unpaid.

The easiest way to do this is to create a datagrid in the Grants module and then export into Excel and add a difference column. You can also create a formula in the datagrid, but the Excel calculation is easier.  You cannot filter on a calculated field.
  1. Open Grants Module
  2. Open Application History tab
  3. Click on View Settings (orange flag in the vertical icon listing) to view datagrids
  4. Click Add
  5. Give the data grid a name and description.  Be sure the type selected is 'Full'.
  6. Click OK
To continue creating the grid:
  1. Go to Tables Tab
  2. Choose the first AppHistory table which contains all grants and scholarships.  If you only want Grants or only want Scholarships, choose a different table.
  3. User-added image
  4. Click the Columns tab
  5. Choose Fields to be included on report.  At a minimum you will need Grant Num, Grant Amt, and Amt Paid.  You may add others depending on the information needed.
  6. User-added image
  7. At this point you can use the Selections tab to limit your grants to a specific date range or fund if desired. 
  8. Click Save to save your data grid and then click Generate View.

Depending on your selection criteria and the size of your databse it may take a while to run.

User-added image

To export to Excel:
  1. Click on Process Selections (silver cog)
  2. Choose Export
  3. Click OK
  4. Select the file path and file name
  5. Click Run report

You can now open the file in Excel.  Add a 'difference' column after Grant amount and Amount paid and add a calculation to subtract the amount paid from the grant amount.

You can then sort by this column to see all of your fully paid grants.