If the URL is redirecting only to the homepage

Confirm the URL is a valid URL and associated with a NetCommunity page
  1. Navigate to Site Explorer>Pages & Templates
  2. Click the Search tab
  3. In the field, Page name, title or url contains, enter the portion of the url after the /. For example, www.NetCommunity.com/pagename - you would enter pagename into the search field.
  4. Click Search
    • If no results are returned, this indicates this URL is not a valid URL, in which case it redirects back to the homepage.
Check alternate Site URLs
  1. Navigate to Administration>Sites & Settings
  2. Select the site on the left hand side that the link is redirecting to
  3. Under alternate Site URLs, confirm if the URL in question is listed
Ensure Targeting and Security is not restricting user access
  1. Locate and edit the page that is redirecting
  2. In the top left, click Page Properties
  3. Select the Targeting and Security tab
If the URL is redirecting to any page, which may include the homepage
Check URL Redirects
  1. Navigate to Administration>URL redirects
  2. In URL contains, enter a portion of the URL in question and search for it
    • If the URL is listed, modify it as needed or delete it

Check Primary Site URL
  1. Navigate to Administration>Sites & Settings
    • Note: if the homepage is redirecting unexpectedly, and you're hosted by Blackbaud, log in to your administrative URL which is typically [Insert Site ID here].bbnc.bbcust.com/login.aspx. Click through any security prompts.
  2. Select the site on the left hand side
  3. Under Primary Site URL, confirm the Primary Site URL is as expected
  4. If the Site URL is not correct, update it to be "http://[insertURLhere]/" - Note: it must be formatted exactly like "http://" and "/" otherwise you may see an error.
  5. If any changes are made, click Save
If none of these items determine where the URL redirect is occurring, please work with your IT department and DNS provider to check for URL redirects listed in the DNS.