Removing the space will depend on what is prompting that space to be there. There could be a few different reasons. The starting point of all the steps will be editing the email message or FTI part.
Note: we recommend saving a backup of the HTML to your desktop before making any changes to an email message.

Table Size
If the content is nested within tables, the table itself could be prompting the extra space. You'll want to shrink the table to see if the extra space is removed.
  1. Click the outer table
  2. Notice little white boxes will display around the edges of the table
  3. Locate the bottom, middle white box on the outside of the table
  4. Click this box and drag it up to decrease the table size. Screenshot example below.
  1. Repeat this for any additional tables
Line Breaks
If additional line breaks are added to the content, this will prompt extra space.
Click Here to remove extra line breaks

Space Bar
If you utilized the space bar on your keyboard in place of line breaks, this can prompt extra space to show in the content.
To determine if the space bar was utilized:
  1. While editing the content, locate the area near the extra space. The screenshot example below, this would be to the right of the first line ending in "elit".
  2. Click to the right of your line, and drag across the empty space. If the space becomes highlighted, typically in a blue color, this indicates this was added using the space bar. If the space does not highlight, then this is likely a normal line break.
  3. SpaceBarExample
  4. If you see the highlighted space, click your cursor into the area and click delete to delete the extra space. Then, add a normal line break using the enter key on your keyboard of Shift Enter.
Copied Content/HTML
If the content was copied from an external source, for example Microsoft Word, this will carry over background styles and add them to the HTML. 
Content you may see under View>HTML Code if copied:
  • <span>
  • class="MsoNormal"
Note: we do not recommend copying from external sources as unwanted formatting may occur. You can copy the content into Notepad or any other plain text editor and then paste into NetCommunity. Additionally, if pasting directly from an external source, you can utilize Ctrl, Shift, V, which will paste and remove the extra formatting.

If the above suggestions do not resolve the spacing, the email code would need to be reviewed by a web developer. How do I fix design issues in NetCommunity?