Default Bulletin Board Layouts can be set up by Group Managers. This will help to establish a guideline for the teachers for Content and placement.
To edit a class's Bulletin Board:
  1. Go to the Class Page.
  2. Click Enter Edit Mode.
  3. Adjust the Layout by selecting the desired option from the Change Layout drop-down on the left side.
  4. To add a place for Content to the bulletin board, drag an object from the left side onto the page.
  5. The content can now be added or edited for each category by clicking on the Pencil icon Edit button to edit or clicking the Add button Add button to add new content.
  6. Once the content has been added, click Preview Page to view how the page would appear to users.
  7. Once you are satisfied with the Bulletin Board, click Publish Layout Changes to make the changes active.
Once a Bulletin Board has been set up for a class, teacher can Import this content to other similar classes. This is found by:
  1. Go to the Class Page.
  2. Click Enter Edit Mode.
  3. In the top-left corner, click Import Material
  4. Select the Year and Section to bring the content in from.
  5. Scroll down and mark any desired content to bring over.
  6. Click Save.
Note: If the term has already started then the publish date will be set automatically to today's date. If the term has not started then the publish date will be set to the first day of the next term. You will need to select the Future view to see future dated content.
Note: This content is shared between the new section(s) and the section it was imported from. Any changes made to the content will update in all sections where this content is shared.
Teachers can also share course content on Bulletin Boards. If desired, the school can also assign certain parents and/or students to be group content editors for specific Academic Courses. This will allow them to update and change the information that displays on a course's Bulletin Board.