The Delete Permissions system role is needed in order to delete a registration option. Have a system administrator assign you the Delete Permissions system role using these steps:
  1. Select the Administrations tab
  2. Click on the Organization Units link in the Configuration section
  3. Click the username that you need to add the system role to
  4. Select the System Roles tab and click Add
  5. Search for Delete Permissions and Save
Once you have the Delete Permissions system role, you can delete a registration option for a special event by following these steps:
  1. Select the Events tab
  2. Click Event Search, search for and open your event record
  3. Select the Options tab on the event
  4. Click the drop-down arrow next to the registration option and click Delete
    • Note: If the Registration Option is currently associated with an Event Registrant we will not be able to delete the Options from the Event.