You will need to run the Fund Representative Export.

This export creates a plain text (ASCII) file that you can use as a merge file for thank-you letters, envelopes, or labels.

The data file includes information for anyone associated with a Fund who also has a Fund Representative Type code. One record is exported for each Fund rep. type for each selected Fund. This means that multiple records may be exported for a single Fund (and some Funds will not have any exported records).

NOTE: There is also a Fund Representative Export option available when printing Fund statements, so that cover letters and envelopes can be created that are sorted in the same order as the Fund statements. Refer to the Fund Statements Report for more information.

NOTE: You can access this export from anywhere in FIMS by selecting Reports > Funds > Fund Representative Export.

If you wish to only select on a specific Sub-Type, then  you will need to select on Sub-Type, which is one of the Frequently Used Fields.