In order to delete the membership level type, we will need to build a query to identify constituent's that are currently using this type. We will then want use the browse functionality to browse to each constituent record and remove the type being used to further classify the membership.
  1. From Analysis, Click Information Library, Add an Ad-hoc Query
  2. Choose the Source view of Memberships
  3. From the Middle Drag Membership Level Type to Include records where and set equal to the Membership Type you will be deleting
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  1. Click Browse, Choose Constituent Membership Program Page
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  1. Click Other Tasks, Edit Membership Details
  2. In the type drop down, Choose the blank row
  3. Save
  4. Double Click the next line in the browse query window to navigate to the next constituent membership record
  5. Continue this process until all membership types have been removed from constituent membership records