Missing information in EFT file when SEPA BIC number is left blank

When using SEPA, if the BIC number is left blank then the EFT file created also has a blank BIC number. According to the SEPA regulations this must add the line <FinInstnID><Othr><Id>NOTPROVIDED</Id></Othr></FinInstId>
This is resolved in patch 5 for The Raiser's Edge 7.96, released in July 2017. For more information, see What is in Patch 5 for The Raiser's Edge 7.96?

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Add a new recurring gift to the Raiser’s Edge with pay method Direct Debit.
  2. Add the bank to the Direct debit gift with the IBAN number NL18ABNA0484869868 with a Blank BIC number
  3. Save and Close the Gift
  4. Create a new gift batch
  5. Automatically Generate Transactions
  6. Create EFT transmission file with Sponsoring bank and the Netherlands Format
  7. The EFT file provided does not include Not Provided in the Other Identification tag


 Raiser's Edge

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