The EFT Generation and Download job (DLEFTCOM) does not actually process any charges.  It just creates a file.

If there is nothing in the EFT_HOLD table, then it successfully rolled changes back.

The process can be run again - it would process records that would have been processed earlier when it was stopped.

NOTE - Since the job was killed, the client will need to reschedule the EFT job to run regularly,  Because it was killed, the job would not have rescheduled itself.

If EFT_HOLD is found not to be empty, and no file was produced, then the process might have marked records as pulled, and therefore might have to be undone.  In that scenario, contact TA Support to investigate.

Note:  the newer EFT Processing job would need more investigation under the same circumstance, since that job actually submits charges to Sage during the process, like Charge Processing does.

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