Error: All values or up to 500 specific values can be selected - when deselecting fund filters in Analyze

When a user attempts to unselect a fund in the Fund drop-down of their Analyze dashboards, they receive the error " All values or up to 500 specific values can be selected".
Currently, there is a limit of 500 funds that can be selected at a time. By default, the Fund filter will include all Funds. When you uncheck a fund, it leaves the remaining funds checked.  

To work around the limitation, users may perform the following steps:
1. Select the Fund drop-down
2. Mark the checkboxes for the funds you do want to include

NXT is still in development and the 500 fund limit will likely be removed in the future.  

Steps to Duplicate

1. Log into 
2. Click Work Center>Analyze
3. Select the Fund drop-down for any of the dashboards
4. Attempt to unmark a fund
5. Error appears

If the user marks the "Clear" hyperlink, this does successfully unmark all funds and allows the user to select their desired funds (but they haven't attempted to mark more than 500)

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