1. Course Restrictions:
    1. Course Records have to at least have a Restriction for the specific Academic Year.
      1. The courses do not have to be fully scheduled  ( placed in master schedule, have finalized times and etc). The restriction is the bare minimum needed for the course record.
      2. If registration was for 2017-2018, then students could register successfully for this class because it has registration for the academic year 
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  1. Progression Entries
    1. Students need to have progression entries for the specific registration year.
      1. Progression entries can be added to records manually (What is a Student Progression Entry and how to add it on a record) or by running the Mark For Reenrollment Wizard (How to run the Mark for Reenrollment wizard)
      2. For example, if it's time to register for the 17-18 school year, the student would be able to register since the progression entry for the 17-18 school year is included on his record. If the 17-18 wasn't placed on the student's record, he would not be able to register for the 17-18 year in NetClassroom.
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  1. Configure NetClassroom Registration Setup
    1. The Registration year has to be created within Education Edge by going to Configuration > NetClassroom > Registration Setup. The setup can have the preferred settings based on the needs of the school. For more detailed information on setting up Registration for NetClassroom, refer to How to allow students to enter course requests online and/or allow parents to view course request. 
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  1. Enable Registration
    1. In Education Edge, go to Configuration > NetClassroom > Features. Mark Registration for Students and/or Parents to make the feature active.


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Note: NetClassroom does not have a Clear Server Cache option. Changes to NetClassroom can take up to an hour to show in NetClassroom depending on the change.



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