Overall Wealth Rating Description is blank

When viewing ratings on Constituent records, the Overall Wealth Rating Description is blank. The records have received the Overall Wealth Rating Category, but no description has populated.  This is true in both NXT Webview and RE Database View.

Records who do not receive an Overall Wealth Rating will have a blank description for that rating.  This confirms the record was processed for the rating, but none was returned. Records may not receive a rating for various reasons, including, but not limited to, not having publicly owned assets in their own name, not having a United States Address, or not having a residential address (using a Business address for the Preferred Address).


Steps to Duplicate

1. Create a Constituent query with this criteria:
(Blackbaud Analytics - NXT Overall Wealth Rating - NXT not blank
AND Prospect Rating Description blank)
2. View the results and navigate to a specific record>Prospect Tab>Ratings and open the Overall Wealth Rating record.  There is no description.

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