When attempting to post in FIMS it is common to get an error referencing a missing or invalid GL account or telling you that the account is not on the Master Chart.

These errors are not actually related to the Master Chart of Accounts, but are either referencing the fund class code table or the actual GL for the fund in question.

You can determine which is the case by the way that the error message appears. For an error like this:

User-added image

The error message shows the fund information but no actual gl account number. This indicates that the account is missing from the fund class code table.

The fund class code table is where the default gl accounts for each type of transaction are pulled from.

To update the Fund class code table:
  1. File Maintenance>Funds>Fund Code Maintenance>Fund Class
  2. Choose the class of the fund you are working with
  3. Click Edit Fund Class or double-click on it
  4. Populate the Account/Value field for the type of transaction that you are trying to post
  5. Click Save
  6. Click Close

In this instance the GL Account did fill in from the fund class defaults:
User-added image

If the error message shows the fund information and the gl account number, then that GL account is missing from the general ledger for that fund for the posting year.

To add a single GL account to a fund see  How do I manually add one General Ledger account to a fund?