Import File Templates appear to be blank on a refreshed environment

Users may notice that after an environment is refreshed, the Import File Templates may appear to be blank or not mapped.
This may be attributed to the sample file used for mapping not existing in one of CRM's Import Source directories. The missing sample file will not impact the template's mapping as this is stored in the database's IMPORTFILETEMPLATE table. You may review the mapping manually by running this query against the database : 


The DETAILCOLUMNMAP column will contain the defined mapping.

To remedy how this appears on the user facing side of CRM :
  1. Review the file name in the FILENAME column from the above query associated with the template that needs to be corrected.
  2. Copy the .csv file from the original environment to one of the directories defined in Administration > Import > Configure Import Sources
  3. Open the Import File Template and confirm that the fields are now populated.

Steps to Duplicate

After an environmental refresh navigate to Administration > Import > Import File Templates and open one by clicking the Edit button on the down chevron. Note that the mapping grid is blank.


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