Variances between the calculated Available to Spend ( the ATS) and the Fund Balance identified as the Available to Spend fund balance can be caused by many factors:

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The Available fund balance (the $40,399.07 value) is an general ledger value based on the activity associated with the fund balance. If you run a Fund Balance Report found in the GL you will see this value.   The ATS value (in this image the $37,899.07 number) is typically based off the GL balance, but in many cases it might not be.

To see how the ATS value is calculated you should do two things:
  • Examine the code structure
  • Examine the values used in calculating the current number
The code structure can be reviewed in File Maintenance > Funds > Fund Code Maintenance > Available to Spend

The value used in calculating the code can be best found in the Available to Spend Detail report.  This can be found on the Reports > Funds > Available to Spend Detail Report.  Choose the period desired and make no selections to run for all funds.  The various columns will indicate how the balance is derived.

If usually the fund balance and ATS value are the same, the differences are frequently due to unposted applications, AP vouchers or journal entries.  These unposted/unprocessed items will show in the appropriate columns in the Available To Spend Detail Report.