Why are Inactive Entries in the Code Tables Still Showing up in the Query Views.

After marking Suffix code tables inactive they still appear in query view. 
Whether or not a Suffix code table is marked inactive or not, it should still appear in query. The logic behind this is that you should still be able to query on information that is related to Suffix Code Tables regardless of if it is active or not, there is information throughout the system that is still tied to these code tables. 

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to administration. 
2. Go to Code tables.
3. Click the blue hyperlink to access Suffix Code tables.
4. Select any Suffix code table and click the drop down. 
5. Click edit. 
7. Click the Checkbox to mark the table as Inactive. 
8. Click save.
9. Go to Analysis.
10. Go to Information Library.
11. Add an Constituent Ad-hoc Query.
12. Apply Suffix Criteria to the "Include Records where:" section of the query. 
13. Change the drop down to "One of"
14. Note any Suffix code table you marked inactive still appears. 


 Blackbaud CRM

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