I denied\withdrew a grant and processed it so now is in application history but what I meant to do was to approve it. Is there anything I can do?

I posted a grant as Denied\Withdrawn and it should have been approved.  Can I adjust it?
We got a funder for a grant that had been denied, how do I now approve it?
Unfortunately, once a grant has been posted as Denied or Withdrawn it cannot be adjusted.  You will have to enter a new grant.

There is a warning when posting grants, you can change this to be an error and not allow for posting grants that are denied or withdrawn with a non-zero amount to post.

This setting is located in Tools\System Utilities\System Options, Section: Grants, Option: Denied_App_Error_Type. If you set this to an error, any grant that is denied or withdrawn that has a non-zero amount will not be able to posted. This will prevent this issue from occurring again going forward.




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