My Appeal Mailing sent multiple emails to the same people

I ran an appeal mailing and was contacted by multiple customers saying that they had received the same email several times. 
If the Address Processing Options are set to Mail to each contact found, then emails will be sent to the organization's email address. If the organization email address is the same as a constituent's email address, it can look like the patron is receiving the email multiple times. Verify the email address is not specific for an organization record. 

  • Relationship with John Doe with Contact Type matching that in Address Processing Options
  • Relationship with Robert Hernandez with Contact Type matching that in Address Processing Options
  • Relationship with Susie Q with a different Contact Type than what is in the Address Processing Options 
  • Organization email Address: 
The count sent to the organization email will equal the count of contacts with a matching contact type in the Address Processing Options. 
ConstituentEmail Address
Organization (addressed to John Doe)
Organization (addressed to Robert Hernandez)

To check Address Processing Options: 
  1. Click Marketing and Communications 
  2. Click Address Processing Options 
  3. Click Edit for the Address Processing Options used 
  4. Click the Organizations tab 
  5. See if the Mail to each contact found checkbox is marked
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Steps to Duplicate

  1. In Marketing & Communications, click Appeal Mailings
  2. Click your appeal mailing
  3. Click Run Mailing
  4. Select “Send the email messages immediately when I run the mailing” and click Run


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