The Received field will only show an amount on a Pledge entry if we fill in an amount when we first enter the Pledge into eTapestry. For example, if someone pays part of the Pledge amount when they make the Pledge, we could enter this amount in the Received field. However, the database will not update the Received field for subsequent payments. Instead, we can see the amount paid on the Pledge, so far, below the heading that says Pledge Information. The steps to access that section of the Pledge entry are listed below:
  1. Click Accounts
  2. Click Find an Account
  3. Search for and click on the donor's name
  4. Click Journal
  5. Click the Pledge entry
  6. Click the Pledge Information section on the right side of the entry

Below the list of Payments, you'll see a total amount, which corresponds with the amount received on the Pledge so far.
Pledge Information section