Data lists which pull data from the data warehouse no longer function after copying a database to another SQL Server

After copying a database to another SQL Server, data lists no longer function if their query is set to pull data from the data warehouse. The error received is: "Unable to load data list. Could not find stored procedure 'USP_DATALIST_ADHOCQUERY_...'

To resolve, edit the datalist and save it to generate an updated query view specific to the new database instance.  

This most commonly occurs when migrating a database or updating a non-production instance with a new production backup.  This occurs because the object names in these query view types are dynamically generated and are specific to the database instance where they were last saved. Editing and Saving the datalist as a post- migration or post-refresh task prevents this issue from having any downstream impacts.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Create a user defined data list using any of the ‘from blackbaud datawarehouse’ query views
2. Put that data list on a section on any page
3. Backup the database and move it to another SQL Server
4. Deploy BBDW to new instance and run ETL refresh
5. Go to the page the data list was put on and notice the error.


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