As a Platform Manager, add the PG Grade Level to the Table Values:
  1. Navigate to Core > Settings > Table Values
  2. Click Edit for the Grade Level table
  3. Click +Add Option
  4. Enter the Value Name, Abbreviation, and select the appropriate Status
  5. To adjust the order the grade is to appear in, hover over the row and when the row is highlighted, drag and drop it to the desired location
  6. Click Save
NOTE: Contact Blackbaud K-12 Support to have the new Grade Level added to the appropriate School Level.

Once the PG level has been added, anyone with the Platform Manager role can edit the level to view the settings and/or make changes.

Students who are enrolled in PG will have an Alumni Affiliation associated with the PG school year. For example, if the student is in the PG Grade Level in 2018-2019, the Student will have an Alumni Affiliation of 2019. To change the Alumni Affiliation, a user with the Platform Manager role can follow these steps:
  1. Navigate to Core > Users/Access
  2. Click Edit User Profile
  3. Look up student
  4. Scroll down to System Information
  5. Click on Alumni Affiliation
  6. Click Edit
  7. Change the school year for Alumni Class of
  8. Click Save & Exit
If grades for the PG Grade Level should not appear on the transcript, a user with the Grading Manager role can follow these steps:
  1. Navigate to onRecord > Performance > Grading
  2. Click Transcript Builder
  3. Click the edit link for the Transcript to be modified
  4. Under General Information > Grade Levels, make sure the PG box is unmarked