HTML code is replacing & character in URLs when using the link type of Other in email template editor

When pasting in a link into the Create other type of link area in the Email Template Editor the "&"character is being replaced with the HTML code for that characters which is "&" which results in a 404 error if that linked is clicked in an email message.
We are currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future service pack.

Workaround: paste the link directly into the message instead of using the link picker

Steps to Duplicate

1. In BBIS, go to Email\Messages
2. Edit an existing message or create a new one
3. In the Email Editor screen click on the Insert tab
4. Click on the Link button and select the radial button called "Create other type of link"
5.  In the URL field paste in the URL for a document that you would like to link to
6. In the drop down select HTTPS:
7. Click or tab out of the Create other type of link area
8. See that the "&" character is replaced with "&"
9. Send the email message
10. In the email click the link to the document linked in step 5 and see error "404 - File or directory not found"
11. Go back to the email message and edit it and now paste the URL from step 5 above directly into the message as opposed to using the link feature. Note that the "&" character is NOT replaced with "&"
12. Re-send the message
13. Upon receiving the message click the link pasted in step 11 and note that the document opens and is able to be viewed.


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