Web Invoice budget checking shows year over budget for actual when YTD actaul amount displayed is not greater than the Annual Budget displayed

When using the budget checking feature in Web Invoicing, the forecast amount may be over budget, but the actual may show year over budget as well even when the YTD amount is not displayed as being greater than the annual budget
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Steps to Duplicate

Steps to duplicate:
1. Log into Web Invoicing and create a new Invoice request for and pick and expense category, then add an amount of $25 and click not distributed to distribute it to use account to be tested and click Distribute Evenly
4. Check the budget > Notice status shows "ok" for the account budget for actual
5. Back in Accounts Payable > Records > Invoices > Change the post status of Invoice to be tested to Not Yet Posted and Save > if prompted to view the budget when overbudget, click no
6. Back in In Web Invoicing > create a new Invoice request > pick an expense category > click not distrubted > click add > type in account for testing and the amount > click Check budget again
7. Notice the status now shows "Year Over Budget" for both the Actual and the Forecast. - But the "YTD Actual" amount is not actually a greater number than the "Annual Budget" nor is the period actual greater than the period budget. The annual forecast appears to be correct though, as the annual forecast is greater than the annual budget. It's just the status that does not appear to be recognizing the difference.


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