How to Deploy the Data Warehouse to the Correct Database after being Pointed to the Wrong Database the first time it was Deployed

When the Data Warehouse deploy tool was run, it was pointed it at the wrong database. How can it be pointed it to the right database? When the deploy tool is re-run the option to change databases is grayed out. 
1. Run the Deploy tool.
2. Go through the prompts until you get to the OLTP Database Tab. 
3. Clock the Advanced Options Link. 
4. Go to the Analysis Services instance and specify the database you would like to deploy against. 
5. Go Click save. 
6. Go through the rest of the prompts and run the process.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Run the Data Warehouse Deploy tool. 
2. Point it to the wrong DB on the OLTP Database tab. 
3. Deploy Data Warehouse. 


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