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When a user clicks on the Blackbaud CRM link from the start page of Blackbaud CRM, the page re-directs to instead of the CRM webshell page loading. The only occurs for self-hosted environments where the data was obtained from Blackbaud hosting and restored to a local on-premise environment.
This issue is caused from Blackbaud hosting single sign-on residing in the database. This can be resolved by running the following script on the CRM database which will remove the single sign-on linkage:

declare @CHANGEAGENTID uniqueidentifier

Prior to running this script, to verify that Blackbaud single-sign is enabled in the on premise database obtained from hosting, the following script can be run:


In the results in the Name field for one of the rows there will be an entry called "WSFederation". If this value is present then that means that Blackbaud single sign-on is enabled and the first script above will resolve the issue by removing this from the database.

To avoid this occurring in the future, when installing CRM on a local server, check the box that says "Install Without Credentials" during the installation process so that the Research Point product does not get stamped on the data base. The data does not need to be stamped with products since it is a copy of existing data that already has the necessary product stamps.


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