Query on Soft Credit Recipients Yields Incorrect Results

When crediting soft-credit recipients for a donation based on the amount in the grid in a constituent query, the results show all soft-credit recipients, even if their grid portion does not meet the amount criteria.
We have determined this to be working as designed. The Query module groups records based on shared criteria. In this case, the results correctly identify the soft credit recipients associated with a gift that includes a soft credit of a certain amount. Using the Query, Output tab fields users can identify the additional soft credit recipient data as it displays on the Soft Credit tab in the Gift record.

Alternate workaround
  1. Create a new constituent query
  2. Select Tools > Query Options > Gift Processing, and set the credit to Donor
  3. Include the criteria field Gifts > Soft Credits > Soft Credit Amount 
    • e.g. "Soft Credit Amount greater than or equal to $500"
  4. ​​​Output the following fields:
    • Gifts > Soft Credits > Soft Credit Recipient ID
    • Gifts > Soft Credits > Soft Credit Recipient Name (to verify the grouping)
    • Gifts > Soft Credits > Soft Credit Amount (to verify the grouping)
  5. Export the query results to a spreadsheet
  6. Copy the Soft Credit Recipient ID's
  7. Open a new constituent query
  8. Add the criteria field Constituent Information > Constituent ID one off [paste list] 
Note: See How to copy and paste multiple values at the same time into a query when using the One of operator​ for additional instructions on copying and pasting multiple query criteria values.



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