Research Point Product Branding Appears when the Start Page is Loaded instead of Blackbaud CRM when the Product should be Blackbaud CRM

When the start page loads for Blackbaud CRM, Research Point branding appears instead of Blackbaud CRM when the product should be Blackbaud CRM. This only occurs for self-hosted environments in which the database was obtained from Blackbaud hosting and restored to an on-premise environment.
To change the branding page on the start page to CRM, do the following steps:

1. On the web server navigate to Blackbaud\bbappfx\vroot\browser\brand\current
2. Find the 'brandoptions.xml' file and edit with NotePad
3. In the top line with the HTML tag ApplicationTitle, note that it says Research Point between the HTML tags
4. Delete the contents of this file but keep the file open
5. Now to go the 'bbec.brandoptions.xml' file and edit with NotePad
6. Copy all of the contents from the 'bbec.brandoptions.xml'  file
7. Paste these contents into the 'brandoptions.xml' file
8. Save the 'brandoptions.xml' file with the same name
9. Recycle the application pool for the CRM instance in question
10. Re-load the start page and see now that it shows Blackbaud CRM.

To avoid this occurring in the future, when installing CRM on a local server, check the box that says "Install Without Credentials" during the installation process so that the Research Point product does not get stamped on the data base. The data does not need to be stamped with products since it is a copy of existing data that already has the necessary product stamps.


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