There is a SKY list that will show the student's name, term and course requested. This list allows you to filter by options such as grade level, course, student, and request approval status among others.
  1. Go to onRecord > Lists > Requests and Recommendations.
  2. Select the Filters.
  3. Add specific courses and any other desired filters.

In some cases, users may want to add more filters or output columns. In this case, users will want to create an advanced list.

To create an advanced list
  1. Go to Lists > Manage Lists
  2. Select Manage Basic and Advanced Lists
  3. Click Add
  4. Select Create Advanced List
  5. Under Select Objects, select the following objects:
    1. Signup > Academic Signup Group
    2. Signup > Academic Signup Term
    3. Signup > Academic Signup Enrollment
    4. Academic Group > Course Base
    5. Academic Group > Course Department
    6. Academic Group > Academic Department
    7. Constituent Information > User Base
  6. Select the Display Fields tab
  7. Click Select Fields
  8. Mark which fields to display, including Request datetime
  9. Click Select
  10. Enable Grouping Options and select Count next to Request datetime
  11. Select the Filters tab
  12. Add the following Global filters:
    1. Academic Signup Term.School Level any of Upper School
    2. Academic Signup Term.School Year any of 2017-2018
    3. Academic Signup Term.Term Description is Fall Semester
  13. Name the List and select a Category (if needed)
  14. Click Save
  15. Click Preview