Incorrect query results when filtering on Organization Name contains

When querying on Organization Name contains, any records that have the value but it comes before a backslash (\) will be missing from the results.  
Incorrect query results are received, and records are missing from the results, when querying on Organization Name contains and the Organization Names have the desired value before a \ (backslash) in the Organization Name field.
This is functioning as designed. Users should reference how to search organizations by a select word in the name using \. The backslash is used in constituent record names to identify a preferred searchable word in the record name. In this example, the preferable search term is the text that follows the backslash, the Query will not consider the text before the backslash.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Create a new Constituent query.
  2. On the Criteria tab, click the + by Constituent Information, and double click Organization Name.
  3. Select "contains" as the Operator, and type in the word or name being searched for in the Value box. Click OK.


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