If you will be mailing Constituent's through Altru's Appeal Mailing Process, we will need to use a Constituent Source View.
  1. From Analysis, Click Information Library, Click Add an Ad-hoc Query and choose the source view of Constituent
  2. On the left expand Groups Belonging To, click Constituent. From the middle drag Constituent Record to Include records where and set equal to your Committee Name
  3. Output any fields you would like to see about the Committee Members:
    1. To see Address information, we would click Address (Primary) on the left, from the middle you can drag Address, City, State, and Zip to Results fields to display
    2. To see Email information, we would click Email Addresses on the left, from the middle you can drag Email Address to Results fields to display. To prevent multiple email addresses from showing in the output of our results we can reference this Knowledgebase
    3. To see the Committee Member's role, we would expand Groups Belonging to on the left, click Group Member Role. From the middle drag Role to Results fields to display
  4. Preview Results and then Navigate to the Set Save Options tab to save the query. Your query may look similar to the example below:
User-added image