In batch unapplied matching gift commitment application causing no recognition credits to populate

In an enhanced revenue batch when using Application as Unapplied matching gift the recognition credit displays no values
Recognition credits on the original gift are used to determine what recognition credits are applied on the Matching Gift.  On an Unapplied Matching Gift the original gift that is being matched is not yet known so the system is unable to determine these credits. The solution is to add these recognition credits manually selecting them as appropriate. 

Steps to Duplicate

1.             Open an enhanced revenue batch.
2.             Add a donor ID, date and amount
3.             The commitment window will open. 
                a.  If there are no commitments on the donor record, open the commitment window by pressing the Apply button.
4.             In the commitment window change Donation to Unapplied Matching Gift and add a designation (global and action) at the bottom of the window
5.             Save
6.             Go back in the batch, navigate to revenue details and click on Recognitions
7.             A window will open  and and note there are no recognition credits.
8.             Go back into the commitment window and change the gift application type back to Donation - the recognition credit will be returned to the batch.



 Blackbaud CRM

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