If this is the first time you've added an IATS processor to your eTapestry database, you will be required to first enter your Blackbaud Payment Services (BBPS) credentials. If you don't already have these, please reach out to bbms@blackbaud.com to get started. If you set up your first IATS processor in eTapestry before mid-2013, click here.

BBPS stands for Blackbaud Payment Services. It tokenizes credit card data and allows you to charge cards in your database and be PCI compliant; masks and securely stores them so you only see the last 4 digits. All you do with the BBPS credentials is enter them into the Blackbaud software you use that processes payments. It will rarely be needed after that.

First, we need to add your BBPS credentials:
  1.     Log into eTapestry
  2.     Click Management > My Organization
  3.     Click the Preferences tab
  4.     In the Preferences tile, enter your BBPS credentials
    •     In the BBPS UserName field, enter the user name you set up for BBPS
    •     In the BBPS Password field, enter the password you set up for BBPS
  5.     Click Save And got to Personas
Then, we can add your IATS processor:
  1. From the My Organization account, click the eCommerce tab
  2. Click Add IATS (US, CA, or UK depending on your country of origin)
  3. Fill in a Reference Name. (If you’re adding your Online (account ending in 99) give it a name that reflects that it’s your Online account. The 01 account should be named your Offline account. This way, you can tell the difference between the accounts when you use them for processing.)
  4. Fill in the Client Code
  5. Fill in the Password
  6. Set the Currency
  7. Click Save
  8. If you need to do any offline processing, like charging a card through a journal entry or manually setting up auto processing schedules, you will need to add a second account for your Offline Client Code (the account ending in 01) because it has less security restrictions than your Online account. Repeat these same steps to add that account, making the appropriate changes to the Reference Name, Client Code, and Password.
If your organization has been using IATS in eTapestry since before mid-2013, the steps to add a new IATS processor are different because BBPS is not required. Here are steps for that process:
  1. Click Management > My Organization
  2. Click eCommerce
  3. Click Add IATS Processor
  4. Check Default
  5. Fill in a Reference Name. Choose a name that represents what kind of gifts this account will be used for
  6. Fill in the Online Agent Key (The account ending in 99)
  7. Fill in the Online Password
  8. Fill in the Offline Password (The account ending in 01. You only need to do this if the 01 Offline password is different from your 99 Online password)
  9. Click Save