This error means that AddressFinder encountered an issue when creating the Processing Acknowledgement Form. There are a few different reasons why this error will happen, so please check the following first:

1. The address on the My Organization account must be a complete and valid physical address. This means it must not be a PO Box and it must be valid with the USPS. You can check this and make changes by following these steps: 2.  The NAICS code submitting must be valid for your organization. If you don't know this code, or would like to verify it, visit this directory.

3. Ensure the Contact Name field on the scheduling page contains a full name; both first and last name are required.

After confirming both of these items, reschedule AddressFinder to run again at your earliest convenience. If you've verified the above items but it continues to fail with error code 1211 please contact support and reference this article ID.