Security by Constituency Code preventing users from editing existing Memberships

When utilizing the ‘Security by Constituency Code’ function to allow access to a particular Constituency Code, users may find themselves unable to edit existing memberships where the Constituent has more than one Constituency Code. They are able to add new memberships, and edit all other information on the record, but when they attempt to amend existing memberships, the ‘Save & Close’ button is greyed out.
This issue is currently under investigation. If you experience this issue, please contact support and reference this article. 

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Login to The Raiser's Edge as a user with Supervisor access. 
  2. Go to Admin > Security
  3. Amend an existing group and enable Security by Constituency.
  4. Allow access to one code (ie Board Members) for view/edit
  5. Ensure at least one user is added to this security group.
  6. While still logged in as Supervisor, amend an existing constituent record (or create a new one) and add the Constituent Code used in step 4 (ie Board Members) and at least one other constituent code. Ensure this constituent has a membership.
  7. Login as one of the users from the security group edited in step 3.
  8. Open the constituent record edited in step 6 and go to the Membership tab.
  9. Observe you can open the membership but not edit as 'Save & Close' is greyed out.


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