Exception: 'Record does not exist' when importing Appeal Packages with Attributes

When attempting to import a .csv file for Appeal Packages with Attributes, some users are encountering an exception -

'Record does not exist' for 'Category'
This issue is currently under investigation. This article will be updated as and when a solution is found. 

Current Workaround:
Use two imports. One for Appeal Package where you don't map the package attribute and another import for Package Attribute where you map the package attribute.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Verify all information in import file is present and correct.
  2. Go to Admin>Import>Appeal>Appeal Package.
  3. Select 'Import New Records'.
  4. Select Validate data only
  5. Point import to import file location.
  6. Use the ImportID to identify existing constituents
  7. Set the format to 'Detailed'
  8. Import exception file shows 'Record does not exist'


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