Changes to field names do not display correctly on the Volunteer Time Sheets section of a Constituent Record

Changes made in 'Config>Fields>Time Sheet' - 'Display as' do not show on the time sheet headers found on the 'Volunteer>Time Sheet' section of the constituent record, although they display correctly when opening/adding/editing a time sheet. 
This issue is currently under investigation. This article will be updated with a solution as and when one is found.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Log into the Raisers Edge
  2. Go to Config>Feilds>Time Sheet
  3. Change the 'Display as' for 'Department' to 'Testing'.
  4. Navigate to a constituent record.
  5. Go to the Volunteer tab.
  6. Navigate to time sheet.
  7. Add a new time sheet.
  8. See the field for 'Department' displays as Testing.
  9. Fill in required information and Save and close.
  10. See that the Field name for 'Department' on the Time Sheet section of the Volunteer tab of the Constituent record still displays as 'Department' 


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