I'm trying to save a default date value in the form design wizard but it isn't saving correclty.

I'm working in the form design wizard and trying to set a date field (project end date, request date, meeting date, etc.) to populate with a default value. When I save and close the form, and then reopen it, the dates that populate are one day prior to what I originally set. So if I set the date fields to 8/31/2017, save and close the form and then reopen it, the date fields display 8/30/2017.
This issue is most commonly caused by an issue converting between the date formats mm\dd\yyyy and dd\mm\yyyy, and as such most commonly affects UK clients. This issue is slated to be resolved in a future release of GIFTS Online. Should you encounter this issue though, the simplest solution is to simply set the date to be one day ahead of the date you want.


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