When journal entries have been posted and need to be removed or changed or reversed, it is necessary to create entries that will reverse or do the opposite.  Once the reversing entries are processed you can make correct entries if needed using the same process outlined below, selecting Copy instead of Reversing, or redo your process.

To make reversing entries for a range of posted journals, go to:
  1. General Ledger > Journal Entry, Automatic Journal Entries > Entries from Journal History
  2. Select Reversing
  3. Click Run Process
  4. On the next screen select Journal Number and enter the range of the entries
  5. Click Run Report
  6. Review the resulting report.
  7. Check the total and also confirm you have Reversing Entries in the selection
  8. Click Create Entries in the Menu Bar
  9. You will have the option to Edit and Post the journals afterwards.  You can either do it now or further examine the resulting journals and run the regular GL Edit later.