Primary Business Position does not allow for partial search in directory

In a directory part, you have the field Primary Business Position added to the search fields. When entering a partial search, for example "Pres", no results are returned. However, when entering "President", results are returned.
Our Product Development team has reviewed this issue and its impact on the software. After careful consideration, we have determined that we will not be addressing this issue

Steps to Duplicate

Confirm a record in Raiser's Edge has the Primary Business Position field on it
  1. Navigate to Records>Constituents
  2. Open a constituent record
  3. On the Bio 1 tab, click the Business button
  4. Confirm a Position is listed and note the Position name
Confirm a Query contains the constituent with Primary Business Position
  1. In the Raiser's Edge, navigate to Query
  2. Create or open a query and confirm that the constituent is returned in the results
Confirm the Primary Business Position Field is added to a directory part and the query:
  1. Login to NetCommunity
  2. Navigate to Site Explorer>Parts
  3. Locate a directory part and click the pencil icon to edit it
  4. Confirm the query listed is the same one you reviewed in The Raiser's Edge
  5. Under the Search fields, confirm Primary.BusinessPosition field is added
Attempt to search on the directory page:
  1. Navigate to a page with the directory part
  2. Enter a partial search into the Primary Business Position Field
  3. Note: no results are returned
  4. Enter the full primary business position field
  5. Note: results are returned

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