Constituent list
Confirm the name of the query
  1. In NetCommunity, navigate to Email>List
  2. Click the pencil icon of the list you want to remove the email address from
  3. Confirm the name of the associated query
Edit the query
  1. Open The Raiser's Edge
  2. Navigate to Query
  3. Locate and open the query in question
  4. Edit the query criteria to remove the constituent associated with the email address in question
Imported List
To remove an email address from an imported list, you must modify the CSV file associate with the list to remove the email address and then upload the new CSV file back into NetCommunity.
Cannot select or change the recipient list for an email message, or the merge field button is missing (includes video demo)

User defined
  1. Email>List
  2. Edit the list in question
  3. Click the View/Edit list tab
  4. Unmark the box for Enabled to exclude the email address for the list

Email addresses in a newsletter are entirely controlled by the subscriber. If a recipient wants to be removed from a newsletter, they must unsubscribe from the newsletter.
How can a constituent unsubscribe from a newsletter sent from NetCommunity?

Email Guide