UPDATE 9/21/2018: This issue has been resolved with a recent fix released on the evening of 9/20/2018.

Please be aware that this behavior may linger past 9/21/2018 as it will affect forms started by your applicants on or before 9/20/2018. Any forms started on or after 9/21/2018 should not be affected. If you suspect that this is the case, we ask that you please reach out to Blackbaud Support at your earliest convenience so that we may address the issue further.


We have detected an issue with the copy of the IRS Business Master File (Pub 78), which we use to verify Tax ID's and their corresponding tax status. The error you are receiving is related to another issue you may have encountered when performing Tax Status Verify on an organization record.

In the meantime, please contact Blackbaud Support to resolve this on the applications you cannot consider. Please contact us providing the error you receive, your IGAM SID (Site ID), Application ID, Record ID, and Form ID (or as much as you can) so we can quickly resolve this for you to be able to consider your application(s)