Review the steps below for the set up that is required in the Education Edge

1. Create the next academic year in the Registrar's Office.

2.  The student must have a student record and an Applicant Record in the Education Edge in order to use the Online Reenrollment forms. If the students were imported into the software and an applicant record was not created you create an applicant view for a student by running the Mark for Reenrollment Wizard or by creating an applicant record and merging it with the student record.

3. Create a Student Query containing all of the students that should access the Online Reenrollment form. If a student is missing in this query, they will not be included for the forms.

4. Make sure that the Education Edge record is linked to NetCommunity. When a record is linked to NetCommunity the username and password will become grayed out on the record. If you can edit the username and password you will want to run the Add Users Utility to create an account for these users in NetCommunity.

5. Make sure that the relationships are correct on the student record. If you are including Mother and Father as the relationships who can enroll on behalf of students then you will want to make sure that Mother and Father are listed on the record.

*Note: Also see Error: The reenrollment form is not available because you are not associated with any active students for additional troubleshooting steps if the users receive an error when trying to fill out the online enrollment forms.