Clicking on Ask header in RE NXT Opportunities Lists and Work Center does not sort by amount

When working with Opportunities in The Raiser's Edge NXT web view in Work Center and Lists, clicking on the Ask amount header does not sort by Amount. How does the Ask column sort?
The Ask column (as well as Expected and Funded) sorts first by Date and then the Amount. Ask Date is an optional field, so remove Ask Dates in order to have the list sort by just Amount.


Steps to Duplicate

In The Raiser's Edge NXT Web view as a
  1. Log into the Raiser's Edge NXT web view
  2. Click on Fundraising > Work in top menu bar (If this is not present as the user, skip ahead to step 5.)
  3. Click on Opportunities
  4. Click on Ask in header
  5. List will not sort
  6. Click on Lists in top menu bar > Opportunities
  7. Create a new list of Opportunities
  8. Click on Ask in header
  9. List will not sort by amount.


 Raiser's Edge

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